Member Benefits Overview

Below is a list of services we offer to bring about each of the impacts we strive to have on your business. Look for the “WYNTD:” (“What You Need To Do”) section under each to find out “what you need to do” to take advantage of each.


impact 1:

Increase Revenues of Local Businesses Via:

Chamber website

Facebook Page & Email Blast

Buy Local Campaign

Phillips County Visitor & Relocation Guide

Teacher Perks

Welcome Baskets / Bags

Special Events

Preferred Referrals


impact 2: Increase Access to Capital / Credit

Special Lending & Grants Program

Local Venture Capital Group

Helena Job Incentives (HJI) Program


impact 3:

Lower the Cost of Doing Business

Volume Discount / Pooling

Thrive Design Services Discount


impact 4:

Improve Quality of Customer Experience

Customer Training Workshops

Community-wide “Comment Box”


impact 5:

Improve Quality of Available Workforce

Online Jobs Board

Leadership Development course at PCCUA

Arkansas Scholars Program


impact 6:

Ensure Max Effectiveness of Local Businesses

Monthly Business e-Newsletter

Assistance to Struggling Businesses

Business Services

Workshops & Seminars

Special Assistance and Coaching

Connect Members to Resources


impact 7:

Connect More Quickly to the True Priorities / Needs of Members

Site Visits / Executive Interviews

Other Services & Benefits

Opportunity to Network with Other Business Leaders

Read the monthly Business e-Newsletter to learn about these opportunities and just show up with business cards and be prepared to meet (or re-connect) with fellow business leaders.

Access & Influence Over Chamber’s Direction

As a Chamber Member, you get to nominate and elect our Board Members, have access to our financial records, attend our meetings, serve on our committees, and get early access to special events such as our popular annual banquet. Just read our monthly e-Newsletter and other communications to stay informed. Then contact us to take advantages of these opportunities as you see fit.