Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Opportunities

We are glad you are considering relocating your business to Phillips County and we are here to support you all along the way.


1) Helena Harbor – The Helena-West Helena-Phillips County Port Authority is responsible for all industrial development at their extraordinary slackwater harbor and the adjoining 4,000 acres of prime ready-for-development greenfield real-estate. Called “one of the finest on the Mississippi River” by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and "the best industrial site in the State of Arkansas, bar none" by a statewide economic development leader, it features outstanding river, rail, and road access. For more information, visit their website at


2) Helena-West Helena Industrial Park – While the park is mostly full, there are 1-2 sizable greenfield parcels that could easily be developed. Contact us to explore this option further. 


3) Helena-West Helena Municipal Airport – Thompson-Robbins municipal airport is a general aviation airport that features two asphalt-paved runways and fixed base operator (FBO) that provides aircraft services, including 100LL and Jet A fueling. Adjoining the airport is substantial greenfield acreage zoned for industrial development. Contact us to explore this option further.


4) Other Sites – There are numerous other properties and existing facilities to meet a variety of different business needs. As the list of relevant sites depends on your requirements, we urge you to contact us with your parameters and we'll respond to you quickly with a list of relevant properties. 


CONTACT US: If you have any questions or wish to explore any of the options above further, please contact us by phone at (870) 338-8327 or by email at