Become a Leader

The Chamber has worked to help create two primary methods through which to help our citizens advance on the path to individual, corporate, and community leadership. 

Leadership Development (PCCUA): Going into its third year, PCCUA’s Leadership Development program (developed in conjunction with the Chamber) is a highly-rated, low-cost evening program designed to help promising front-line / entry-level employees transition to their first leadership role in your company. The core of the program is a one-semester evening class that meets once per week for several hours. At the completion of the one-credit-hour class, participants have the option to continue into a the subsequent semester with a shorter, specialized seminar option through which they will earn an additional half-credit-hour and receive a certificate in Leadership Development from the college. For more information, call PCCUA at 870-338-6474.

Leadership Phillips County (Chamber): The purpose of Leadership Phillips County is to provide Phillips County with a new generation of civic leadership, by engaging existing and emerging private-sector leaders in the great opportunities and challenges facing our community, and insuring that they have the conviction, knowledge, and insight to successfully contribute to – and accelerate – the renaissance underway in Phillips County. This highly-prestigious program engages existing and emerging private-sector leaders in the challenges and opportunities before our community. Participants receive unparalleled access to the local and regional leaders, experts, and institutions that shape our community, and are able to develop the relationships and insight that will position them to take a leadership role in our community. The application process generally takes place in the later summer and the program typically begins in October and runs through June / July, usually meeting for one full-day a month. For more information call 870-338-8327.