on your way or already here?

Let us know! 

Phillips County is a very friendly and hospitable place and we are ready to welcome you! 

In fact, our Welcome Team has distributed more than 200 welcome baskets (see below) to new residents since its inception in April 2011. So if you're relocating to Phillips County (see below for details), there's already a "Welcome Basket" ready with your name on it!  

To let us know you're coming, call the Chamber at 870-388-8327 and tell a member of our team that you've recently arrived (or soon will be arriving) in town. 

Either way, welcome once again... we look forward to meeting you and welcoming you in person! 

NOTE: In order to receive a welcome basket, the following must be true: 

  • You must have relocated from somewhere outside of Phillips County into a residence within the bounds of Phillips County
  • You must be relocating into your own residence (i.e. not moving in with family) 
  • It must be your intention to live within Phillips County for no less than one year (and we certainly hope you'll be joining us indefinitely)