Free Publicity during the Tri-County Fair. If you are a business and would like your banner to be displayed for free, please contact Barbie Washburn at 870-829-1001.

Green Markets draw Enviro Tech, Solfuels to the Delta(Arkansas Business). Two relative newcomers to the Arkansas roster of chemical companies continue to grow their Phillips County operations since setting up shop. In July, Enviro Tech Chemical Services Inc. opened a 25,000-SF automated packaging addition to its $8 million plant in the Helena Harbor Industrial Complex. The company, based in Modesto, California, expects its current workforce of 69 to reach 75 in the next few weeks with even more hires coming this winter.

Good News For Helena: Colonel Mike Ellicott of the Memphis District Corps of Engineers briefed the Mississippi River Commission today on current and upcoming projects. Two of them included a replacement of the Helena Floodwall that protects downtown Helena, Arkansas and continued dredging of Helena Harbor. Helena Improvement District Commissioners West Hornor and Phillip Gattas were present for the hearing. John Edwards of Helena Harbor testified on issues important to Phillips County. A good day for Helena all around!

Burn Ban Information. KBDI is an index used in determining forest fire potential. It is a balance combination of factors expressed in hundredths of an inch of soil moisture depletion. the index ranges from 0-800 KBDI with 800 representing absolute dry conditions. All Counties in the state of Arkansas readings are determined by the Arkansas Forestry commission. Phillips County usually set its burn ban around 550 KBDI. Recent daily readings from the Arkansas Forestry commission have remained in the lower 400 KBDI index range for Phillips County.

Smart 911 Benefits. A safety profile can make you safer and more prepared when emergencies happen it gives 911 operators valuable information about you or your family. You can receive alerts to avoid flooded roads or a forest fire. even things you have your home used in an emergency can help emergency respondents when an emergency happens to your. remember smart 911 is private and is stored on secure computer servers. Log on today and create your profile.

The J.J. and Beulah White Foundation is seeking proposals for the awards of grants in 2018.The foundation specifically benefits non-profit organizations in Phillips County, Arkansas. During 2018 the foundation will award a grant or grants up to $10,000 to qualifying entities in Phillips County. The Foundation Board meets twice yearly to evaluate and make selections of these grants. Your proposal should include the following information:

A. Name, address, phone number, and email address of your organization.

B. Name of primary contact at your organization.

C. Tax ID number and proof of non-profit status.

D. A detailed explanation of the project you are requesting support for, its total cost, the benefit to your organization sits impact on Phillips County. Your proposal should include any drawings, pictures, renditions, schematics, or other media which will laid the Board in understanding the project.

Your proposal should be recieved no later than December 31, 2017

mail proposal to :
Barbie Washburn
905 Carruth
Marvell, AR 72366

Grant awards will be presented in January 2018.

Elaine Massacre Gets Second Look 98 Years Later(Arkansas Matters) In an isolated part of the Arkansas Delta, the sun shines on fertile farmland for as far as the eye can see. Exactly what took root in the cotton field, still haunts this Phillips County community.

Elaine,AR is Birdhouse Capitol of the World(Arkansas Matters) In the East Arkansas town of Elaine, there are more birdhouses than people. 

Business 2 Business is a new chamber initiative that will empower members to compete for fellow chamber member business. Share your goods and service needs with fellow chamber members and have them compete for your business. B2B is also your way to share leas on business opportunities that you would like to share.

Local community advocates are pleased to announce a new program called WE CARE.
mission is to clean up Helena-West Helena through a concentrated volunteer effort. By working together to mobilizing both citizen groups and individuals, we can make our community a clean and inviting place to live, work, and play. All social, civic, fraternal, religious entities, local businesses, schools and individuals are encouraged to volunteer. For more information, contact Larry Evans at