Standard Rates

  • Business: 1-10 employees: $150
  • Business: 11-25 employees: $350
  • Business: 26-75 employees: $500
  • Business: 75+ employees: $1,000
  • Non-profit, Government, or Education, regardless of size: $150
  • Doctor/Dentist/Therapist, Lawyer, Farmer, regardless of size: $175

Individual Memberships: These special memberships are for retired business owners or other members of the community who wish to support the Chamber and its work. These memberships are reserved for individuals that do not run a business or organization or a part of an organization that is legally forbidden from joining the Chamber as a member (e.g. certain government entities). This form of membership brings certain rights and privileges of membership (e.g. the abillity to serve on the Board and to cast a vote to elect members of the Board), but does not include the full rights and privileges afforded to one of the standard membership types described above. Each individual membership is $50. A couple may join as two individuals ($100) or as a single entity ($50) and will either each have their own privileges or share one set, respectively. 

Apply online HERE or call (870) 338-8327 to request a membership application packet