welcome to phillips county

We are glad you are considering relocating to Phillips County and we are here to support you all along the way.

We have assembled a variety of resources to help make your decision a good one... one that we hope includes Phillips County! 


why phillips county?

When you're looking to make an investment, you always look for a property or stock that is undervalued... and that's exactly what Phillips County is: A diamond in the rough, a hidden gem, a fantastic value with a cost-of-living that's far below the services and opportunities it offers.



Phillips County’s outstanding healthcare infrastructure was recently recognized as one of the most innovative rural health systems in the country in the documentary Crossroads – Rural Health Care In America. Highlights include the multiple award-winning Helena Regional Medical Center and the UAMS East health education and fitness center.



Whether you’re looking for a palatial estate, a remarkable historic home, or a simple dwelling; a fixer-upper or a turnkey solution; something urban or something quiet and rural, Phillips County has an abundance of housing available at prices so low they will make you blush. Both those looking for a place to raise a family or a place to retire will discover that they can live less expensively and with a higher quality of life than they could in most other parts of the country.


quality of life

Phillips County combines the benefits of a larger city(e.g. festivals, concerts, museums) with those of small-town life. The result is a high quality of life alongside a low cost of living. What do we mean by quality of life?  We're talking about...

1st: All the benefits available to Visitors - entertainment, arts, culture, food, shopping, and so on - are available to YOU!

2nd: You get to live in a place where one person - you - can quickly get involved and make a difference.

3rd: Phillips County is a place where you have a lot of chioce. You can play golf at the country club or at the municipal golf course. You can send your kids to a traditional public school, a public charter school, or a private school. You can sit down at a restaurant and order a T-bone or you can order catfish (or even something vegetarian!). You can fly your private jet in and out of town, take your car (you will never encounter traffic), or ride your bike. You can opt for community or for solitude. You can be rural and you can be urban. You can be small town and an hour later be in the "big city". You can be a Republican or a Democrat, Liberal or Conservative. You can be abstemious or you can go across the river to the casino any time of day or night. And you can be whatever combination of these you feel like at any time.

Finally: The quality of life is about the quality of people. There's always something going on in Phillips County through which you can connect to your neighbors. Whether it's one of the many annual music festivals, a fishing tournament, an adult sports league, a new exhibit at one of our many museums, a gala banquet, the Tri-County Fair, a grand opening or downtown arts walk, your social calendar will get as full as you let it.     



education & Enrichment

Phillips County offers a variety of K-12 and higher educational opportunities at a level virtually unknown outside of major metropolitan areas. However, unlike other areas, most of these opportunities are completely free to traditional students.

Even a FREE college education! To find out more about this great opportunity, click below.


personal development

Whether you're looking to expand your mind, explore a new career, start a business, find your voice, or find yourself, Phillips County has the tools to help you do it.

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