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Author James C Cobb called the Delta "the most southern place on earth," and in the south, living well is something of an obsession. From its days as a bustling "anything goes" river town one hundred years ago through the present day, Helena and Phillips County promises a good time to visitors and residents alike. In the words of one visitor, "The people of Phillips County know how to throw a party!" Whether that party is a tea party in the finest southern tradition, a "boot scoot," a motorcycle festival, an all-out multi-day blues jam, or an arts & culture walk through historic street, we live as if "living well" - however you define it - is truly our obsession. And so, true to our southern roots and culture, we are delighted to invite you to join us in our revelry and savor the full flavor of the place we call home. A party is only as good as the people who come, and your invitation has been sent. The food is warm and the drinks are cold, so y'all come!


the history

Phillips County holds a rich history. From historic battles to the birth of the Blues... it happened here!

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the mississippi

Bordering all of Eastern Phillips County, the Mississippi River holds many secrets from the past.

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the great outdoors

From fertile farmland to the rolling hills of Crowley's Ridge, bike trails and lakes abound here in the Delta!

Check out Helena and the surrounding area!

Our partners at the Helena-West Helena Advertising & Promotion Commission have produced a fantastic resource for visitors of all kinds. We invite you to check out this very informative resource for the best and most up-to-date visitor information available by selecting the link below. 

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You may also contact the Arkansas Welcome Center in Helena at (870) 338-7602 or e-mail them with questions at (open 7 days a week)